Q: Am I allowed to use it if I am under 18?
A: You, of course you are allowed to use our guides! Everyone can use our guides and cheats.

Q: Can you please help me because I am not sure how to use it?
A: All you have to do is follow the instructions given in the post. If you have any issues with it, post a comment and we will help you!

Q: Can I be banned from my game?
A: You will never be banned for using our guides, since they don’t really alter your game. All of our guide tools have been designed so that in the future when we really make them theys will have ultra strong Anti-Ban Shield that will guard you from anyone who wants so see if you are cheating. Our Proxy service will improve that protection as well. You are completely free to use our Guide Tools and Cheats.

Q: Can I use your guide tools if I don’t want to Jailbreak or Root my device?
A: You will never need to Jailbreak or Root your device in order to use our Guides and Tools. They work from your browser.

Q: Will this Guides and Cheat Tools work in my country?
A: Yes they will work. All countries on the world can use access our servers except North Korea.